Electronic Document Management System

3 Reasons to Consider Electronic Document Management System

An electronic document management system is software for working with electronic documents at all stages of their life cycle: creation, editing, and storage. What are three reasons to consider while choosing the electronic document management system?

The Need for Workflow Automation with the Document Management System

The main source of information in any organization is the documents that are created and exist as part of business processes. Content appears at different stages of work: at the beginning (agreement of a contract, application for a vacation) or at the end (issuance of a certificate, preparation of marketing material). If routine operations take up a significant part of the time, and finding the person responsible and determining the stage of the process is a whole quest, then these are the right signals for the introduction of an electronic document management system (EDMS).

A centralized form of workflow, invested in an electronic format, is the optimal solution for modern enterprises of any size, which determines their financial success. Electronic record-keeping systems allow solving complex organizational and technical tasks facing the corporate document management system. It seems that workflow automation is the most reasonable action on the part of decision-makers. But the business need for it is not formed instantly. Only after receiving a number of signals, management comes to the conclusion that the enterprise needs a special information system (IS) to manage content at all stages of its existence.

Electronic document management systems (EDMS) are currently used in the IT infrastructure of almost any company, both private and public. In most companies, either EDMS has already been implemented or is planned to implement in the near future. Modern technologies provide not only a clear structural organization of documents but also their security, which is important in a highly competitive environment.

What Are Three Reasons to Consider an Electronic Document Management System?

Traditionally, the concept of workflow automation is associated with work with correspondence, administrative and organizational documents, etc. However, the EDMS also allows you to associate each document with the actions that should be performed on it. Thanks to such a system, it becomes possible to track the performance of certain work by employees. Three the main reasons to consider for an electronic document management system are:

  1. Send acts, waybills, invoices, and other documents without paper duplication.
  2. Get documents for free.
  3. You assign a department to which all documents from a specific counterparty will be received.

Thus, the EDMS provides not only effective document flow management and information security in the company but also an increase in control over the execution of work on documents and the productivity of employees. Centralized data storage with the ability to be accessed over a local or wide area network allows you to provide flexibility in the use of information, increase the reliability and security of data storage, and generally reduce maintenance costs.

The Main Benefits of the Electronic Document Management System

Among the main benefits of the electronic document management system are:

  • Save costs on printing and shipping documents.
  • Reliable storage of documents and constant access to them.
  • Coordination of documents within the company.
  • Instant exchange of documents with contractors.
  • Coordination of texts of documents online.
  • Protected archive of legally significant documents.
  • Exchange of accounting documents.
  • Storing, sorting, and searching documents.
  • Integration with accounting programs.
  • Ability to synchronize with accounting systems.